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bee-705412_1280 (2)Language Teachers ahoy! Our Class Activity for this week is especially for you. We have a fun idea to get your students speaking the target language in class with 30hands Pro!

The Activity: Your students will conduct an interview in pairs in their target language and record it in 30hands Pro. It’s a great way to get them speaking and interacting in the language, and it gives you some fun material to assess them and /or give helpful feedback on their language use.

The Level: Any – it is customizable to suit your class’s needs and level.

The Procedure: Set the students up in pairs. Together, they can choose what role each person is going to play – the interviewer or the interviewee. The interview can be on any topic they have been learning in class such as their hobbies, their school or their family to name a few. If their level is advanced, they could even conduct an interview for a new job! In their pairs they can write a quick script for their interview questions and answers. They can practise it together and when they are ready, get to recording their interviews! They can do this easily by using the video function in 30hands Pro. Perhaps they’ll want to take some photos and import some images and narrate over it? They can do that too!


File_000 (2)Depending on what you have covered already and the level of your learners, you may want to pre-teach some relevant language components first. These could include question words, formal and informal language, jobs vocabulary, vocabulary on the specific topic chosen and perhaps a particular verb tense you would like them to use. So this activity could be done in one class if your learners are quite advanced, or over a series of classes incorporating various vocabulary topics and grammar points. We’ll leave this part up to you. Once they have finished recording, they can publish their video and share it with you on Google Drive, Drop Box or email.

And that’s it! Buena suerte. Don’t forget to share your videos with us at 30hands as we’re on the lookout for some really fun videos to share with all our followers and friends! 


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