30hands Storyteller Pro

30hands Pro is an app to create digital stories and presentations, to allow students and teachers to easily explain concepts using principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The app is designed to start simple and iterate to more complexity. ProIconTest_RoundAll aspects of a project can be changed – images, videos, drawings, narration, slide order – through simple review and revision for a better end-product. Iteration allows students at different skill levels to progress at their own pace and let’s teachers fit activities into class periods of different lengths. Most of all, Iterative Creativitytm takes learning to a higher level, across all parts of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Try 30hands Pro to Flip the Classroom or create fun storytelling presentations!

30hands Starter – Discontinued

30hands Starter gets you going with digital storytelling and iterative creativity easily and within minutes. Starter is free and contains a lot, but it is not as powerful as Pro. It contains all the basics but has limitations and lacks some of the cooler features. What can  you do with 30hands?

  • Create digital stories
  • Create presentations showing what you know
  • Create flipped lessons
  • Narrate over slides
  • Create slides from images, photos, drawings (video clips in Pro)
  • Annotate images and photos with drawing tool (advanced drawing in Pro)
  • Rearrange slides and retain audio
  • Copy slides with audio
  • Replace images when iterating

Upgrading from Starter to Pro helps ensure that we can continue developing the app, work with teachers to implement more Project Based Learning and give back to the community causes we support and care about. Thank you for this support!

30hands Pro

30hands Pro takes what you’ve learned in Starter and gives you more. The User Interface remains the same – simple, so even the young can figure it out quickly and help out their teachers. Pro includes the following features:

  • Video Clips as slides to demonstrate motion and spice up your videos
  • Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox for easier sharing and collaboration
  • Backgrounds templates and scenes for more activities and creativity
  • Import Google Slides and other presentations as 30hands slides in 1 step
  • Enhanced Drawing with more features and editing (new in v2.0!)
  • Share-a-Slide™ to send a single narrated slide as a video to teammates & families (new in v2.0!)
  • Stop Motion Video settings that make stop motion a breeze in conjunction with Enhanced Drawing (new in v2.0!)
  • Unlimited presentations stored on the iPad
  • Unlimited publishes to the Camera Roll (Photos area)
  • High Resolution output for more professional presentations
  • Transitions and other effects (Late 2015)

A portion of the net proceeds from 30hands Pro go towards our goal of helping students create 3D-printed prosthetic hands for kids in need. Let us know if your school is interested in participating.

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