30hands Learning

We make learning more engaging and meaningful by giving teachers the power of Project-Based Learning and Iterative Creativity with Technology.

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30hands Pro

30hands Pro is an app for digital storytelling and presentations that allows students and teachers to follow an iterative process. All aspects of a project can be changed – images, videos, drawings, narration, slide order – through simple review and revision for a better end-product. Iterative Creativitytm takes learning to a higher level. Try 30hands Pro to Flip the Classroom or create fun storytelling presentations!

30hands Professional Development

30hands Professional Services help educate teachers and administrators on how to implement PBL, Flipping the Classroom, Digital Storytelling and 1:1 Devices in the Classroom. Professional Development is always hands-on and collaborative and can be 90 minutes, 3 hours or ongoing to best support each organization’s needs. We offer course on how to Teach Programming and Entrepreneurship, and we offer consultative services for implementing Project-Based Learning, Blended Learning and Digital Curriculum Development.


30hands Cloud

30hands Cloud is like taking your physical classroom and putting it into the Cloud where you can organize digital learning materials and web apps, engage students in collaborative private social media and keep students focused within the eClassroom learning space. Many web sites and learning management systems are merely a place to organize and list links that launch students all over the Internet where they get distracted and lose focus. 30hands brings the Internet into the eClassroom for better student focus and easier classroom management for the teacher.

Organize Class Materials 

30hands provides an easy-to-use interface that allows teachers to quickly create course outlines then drag and drop multimedia content into the course and organize it by topic, unit, theme, module, project team or learning style. Students always have quick access to the materials they need, and teachers can quickly change the course structure as needed.

Integrate Open Content 

Open digital content can add great value to a course and enhance student engagement, especially when it is video content. Teachers search for any words, preview resulting content and click to insert it into a class. It’s as easy as that! We are truly integrating the best content available on the web from MIT OCW to KhanAcademy to CK-12, edX and more.

Interact Collaboratively 

Courses in 30hands have a Timeline that allows students to interact with course materials the same way they do with Facebook and Twitter outside of school. The Timeline allows for interactive discussions around course videos, presentations and other content, while simultaneously providing direct links to the material at hand. 30hands merges Collaborative Social Media with Structured Content.

Blogs, Wikis and Presentations

Students love to express themselves using social media with their friends. 30hands allows them to create school portfolios of blog postings, wikis and presentations. Items can be shared with courses or stand alone in the student’s portfolio. By giving them a voice in the class on their own terms, students gain greater self-confidence and retain more knowledge.

Anywhere and Any Device

Without access to content, it is useless. That’s why 30hands runs on any platform. We ensure that videos and presentations do not require special programs like Flash or Powerpoint. Each uploaded item is converted to a user-friendly, platform independent format when necessary. This means students can review class materials 24×7 and on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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