About 30hands

We started 30hands Learning to improve education and help students maximize their potential, so they can have a better future. We believe that 21st Century Skills are critical and that they can be best learned through hands-on Project-Based Learning. We love teachers and we love kids. 30hands is our work of passion.

Why 30hands? 

30hands is all about getting a lot of people together collaborating and talking about topics related to their learning. Hands-on learning is magical, and 30 is a magical number.

  • Lifelong Learning – Every month has 30 days of learning opportunities. 30hands lets students take advantage of each learning day.
  • Enthusiastic Learning – 30 hands up in the air mean lots of students enthusiastically engaged in learning.
  • Visual Learning – 30 frames per second means high quality video, and video can better engage students.
  • Expanded Learning – Ancient Rome had 3 tribes that were expanded into 30. Collaboration helps students expand their learning.
  • Raising the Bar – 30hands allows teachers to better challenge students. Start a 30-day challenge with your students today!
  • STEM (Science Technology Education Math) – 30 represents the sum or the first 4 squares: 12 + 22 + 32 + 42
  • Helping Teachers – If you’re a teacher, you know you can use 30 hands in the classroom!

Eric Braun
CEO & Co-Founder 

Eric has spent over 20 years developing solutions in high tech companies, professional services organizations and startups. He has founded or co-founded 5 successful companies. Over the course of his professional career and as a parent, education has become an important force in his life. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, he collaborated on some of the first e-learning platforms for the web and has strived to make learning more engaging for students. Some of his early experience in teaching came from coaching Destination Imagination teams in grades K-7. These experiences were early experiments in project-based learning where students excelled beyond expectations.

In addition to his work at 30hands, Eric teaches at Tufts University and Quincy College. He is currently working with schools and colleges on providing better methods of teaching entrepreneurship and technical courses through blended learning and project-based techniques.

Eric holds a BA in German/English from the University of Minnesota, a certificate of French from the Sorbonne in Paris, coursework in Biology/German from the University of Rochester and coursework towards a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. In addition to Paris, he has studied internationally in Germany and Austria.


Carmen Ferrara
CTO & Co-Founder

Carmen brings a strong mix of technology and business experience 30hands. He has held Software Product Management positions and related roles at: Deloitte & Touche; CSC Consulting; an e-learning software start-up, eXstream Solutions; and with a large web communications organization, CCBN/Thomson Financial. His responsibilities have included product management, project management, product marketing, as well as technical analysis and design. He has successfully managed the release of technical products starting from inception through release. In his most recent role as Product Manager for Thomson Financial, he managed a webcasting, teleconferencing and web communications product suite used by over 3000 corporate clients, which represented $18 million in annual sales.

Carmen holds an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies from Babson College. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Accounting and Computer Information Systems from Stonehill College.

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