30hands at Home: Interviewing a Relative

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Each person has a unique background full of different cultural influences and their own lived experiences. Our relatives hold a wealth of stories about where and how they grew up, and it is interesting to uncover your past through having conversations and listening to what others have to say. Take the time to learn from the stories and wisdom they can offer in order to grow through gaining their perspective on life.


The Activity: Have your children interview a few of their relatives andgrandma obtain their stories. They will listen to the lived history of their family members and ask questions along the way. Help your children to identify cultural influences that have shaped their past through their relatives stories. 

The Level: This is a valuable activity where children can learn a great deal at any age. At all ages, kids are able to gain a new understanding from listening to their relative’s stories. Older children may find it easier to makes connections to their own lives and to better understand the perspective of that family member.

The Procedure: Ideally, have your child meet with in person or call the family member that they have chosen to interview. This may not be possible though and other forms of communication, such as e-mail, could be used to obtain their relative’s stories, but are less personal. Have your children focus on the meaning of that story and the takeaways present which they could apply to their own life. Your children will make a video containing important life lessons these new perspectives have given them. Obtaining old photos will make the video more interesting, and your child can also add clips of the interview if they would like. This will help them learn about their history and be more informed for the future through obtaining a better understanding of their past. 

I interviewed my Grandma and created this video as a sample! I learned a great deal through this activity and I know your kids will too. Here it is:

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