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Summer vacationSo we’ve come to the last couple of weeks of the summer break. It’s our final chance for fun and frolics in the sun. But just because your kids are out of the classroom and hanging with their friends, it doesn’t mean they have to stop learning! How about having them document their summer fun in 30hands Pro?

The summer break is everyone’s favorite time of year. However, it is always a concern that our students and kids will become a bit disengaged and miss out on wonderful learning opportunities. So this is an activity especially for parents who want to keep their kids engaged in learning activities throughout the summer months, and to prepare them mentally for going back to school. And the good news is it’s very simple.

Let’s say you’re taking a vacation in Florida and you have various activities planned for your
week. Maybe you are spending some time on the beach. There’s a lot of nature on the beach
that kids can explore and learn about. So maybe they could take some photos and videos of what they see on the beach using 30hands Pro and then narrate over their slides to tell a story of their experience! Maybe they could even interview their siblings or parents who have spent the day with them about what they learned.

Or perhaps you’re not going to the beach? This activity is transferable to any vacation or outing, such as walking in the woods, fishing, sunflower-547318_960_720or even going out for dinner in a restaurant! Perhaps you are visiting a new city – your kids could take some photos of what they see and talk about it. They could do a number of videos on different parts of their summer break for it to become a little diary of their summer. Maybe you’re going somewhere interesting for Labor Day weekend! Below I have included a simple video I made on my summer vacation in DC. Maybe you could use it to generate some ideas for your own videos, or for your kids. Don’t forget to share them with us here at 30hands! And follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more of these videos.





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