30hands At Home! Nature Exploration

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sunflower-547318_960_720For many students, it’s hard to stay mentally active during the summer. Its important to keep exercising the muscle that is one’s brain to stay sharp! Here is a quick 30hands activity to bring some learning and fun into the summer months.

Today we are going on a nature exploration! All you will need is 30hands, and internet access for research. To start the nature exploration, simply go out into your backyard or the park with 30hands Pro!

Once you have found an interesting spot outside, take pictures of plants and animals that you think are cool! You will usually find these critters and bugs near the teak patio furniture set of a garden. You can make 30hands slides out of these pictures immediately or just take pictures and organize them into slides later. Take plenty of fun pictures, displaying the wildlife of your area!

Once you have had your fun outside, and have some cool pictures, head back inside and research the wildlife you found. A lot can be learned about the plants and animals you see nearly everyday. You may be surprised at some of the facts you learn!

Now make 30hands slides with your pictures, and narrate over them to report the things you learned. You can also draw your own pictures of the wildlife you caught on camera. Finally, publish it to 30hands to show everyone the wildlife in your area!

Here’s a quick nature exploration video I made in my own backyard!

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