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We just released 30hands Storyteller Pro version 2.5.1. What’s new with this release? In addition to stabilization and plumbing improvements that were made taking into consideration the advice of an expert plumber in Toronto, we have some features that make things easier for teachers, experienced users and younger users, too. It’s important to update to version 2.5.1 to get the latest features, bug fixes, performance enhancements.

Here’s the rundown of the releases from the past 6 months:

2.5.1 (April 21, 2017)

The key update in this release was to fix a critical bug that may have made you think you need new glasses, because published videos had really bad, scrambled quality. It may have been good for a creative art project, but not for general usage.

In addition, we included the following:

  • merged the 2 options for publishing (Free and Hi-Res)
  • added a setting to exclude the final 30hands slide when publishing a video


2.5.0 (April 18, 2017)


This release included several enhancements to improve usability based on feedback from research called Toys or Tools done by Dr. Monica McGlynn-Stewart of George Brown College in Toronto. These changes include:

  • moving the red “Recording…” text to the center, so it is easier to see that recording has begun
  • extending video slide lengths to 2 minutes and prompting the user with instructions if a video is longer
  • adding Pixabay web image search to Extended Drawing
  • adding more exclusions to the Pixabay web image search filter
  • changed the Cancel button to red and the Save button to green

In this release, we also upgraded the Google Drive and Dropbox integration to use the latest methods, since the older methods will be shutting down soon.


2.2.1 (Oct 12, 2016)

We added a few new things in this release:

  • the ability to touch a slide and save the image to the camera roll.
  • the ability to select all drawing objects or use a box to select some of them in Enhanced Drawing. Whatever is selected can be moved, resized, stretched or deleted.
  • added a button to preview your narration while you draw (looks like a play button triangle). This helps to target what you draw to the narration content. Follow this process:
    1. Draw a storyboard slide (rough sketch)
    2. Narrate the storyboard
    3. Enhance the storyboard with Enhanced Drawing
    4. Listen to your narration while you enhance your drawing


2.1.0 (Aug 27, 2016)

In this release, we added Reset Password functionality by clicking the “i” from the Sign-In screen.

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