30hands Team Showcases at New LearnLaunch Workspace

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The 30hands Learning team recently attended LearnLaunch’s Summer Showcase event at their workspace in Boston, MA.

30hands co-founder and CEO, Eric Braun, delivers his pitch.

It was a wonderful event which offered some of the most exciting EdTech up-and-comers the opportunity to exhibit their products and ideas, as well as a chance to connect with those of like-minded interests, interests which mainly revolved around a passion to better education and make tech resources available for more learners.

As part of the showcase, exhibitors were given the opportunity to pitch their business in 60 seconds or less, a difficult but fun task for all involved. The 30hands pitch focused on our fast and easy video creation tools which put the power of learning back in the hands of students and ensure they better retain knowledge.

30hands Learning CEO and co-founder, Eric Braun, said: “We make it really easy for learners to create videos, whether it’s to tell a story, to train employees or customers, or to flip a classroom. In the fall, millions of students are going to say ‘wow! I can’t believe I passed that test. I didn’t study enough.’ The teachers are going to say, ‘I don’t really know if they understand the material or not.’ If they create a video to explain a concept, they dig deeper and they will be able to prove through the video that they really learned the content.

“At the same time if you’re training employees, customers or students, you’re going to get your message across more powerfully through video. We make it an easier process, a quicker process.” 

30hands Learning’s video creation tools are currently on 2.5 million iPads and thousands of laptops and Chromebooks. As well as improving learning outcomes for students in K-12 and beyond, 30hands makes it much easier for businesses to create training videos and personalize customer follow-ups.

Whether you’re a corporate trainer or a teacher, check out how 30hands Storyteller Web can make video creation a breeze!

Try 30hands Storyteller Pro for iPad, too. It’s only $6.99 in the Apple store.

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