A Look at 30hands Version 1.10.0 and Beyond!

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Our Commitment

We are committed to helping teachers enhance classroom learning through technology and pedagogy. 30hands Storyteller has been found to be an effective learning tool by thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students. Our goal is to keep the app simple but continue to improve it. That’s why we released version 1.10.0 and why we are working on more things this summer to be ready for you in the Fall.

As you review your district and school goals for the upcoming school year, we hope you will consider upgrading to 30hands Pro. You will get even more functionality, and you will help keep alive the technology that many of your districts use as go-to and foundational apps. Recognizing the learning value in getting students to THINK & CREATE, you are enabling students to express what they know in a differentiated manner

Thank you so much for helping us grow to beyond 1 million users and to make an impact in learning and teaching!

The next newsletter will include another great story from an Instructional Technology Specialist. As always, please send me a note if you have a great educator or educational story to tell that we might include in our newsletter or if you’d like to know more about 30hands Pro and 30hands Professional Development.


Simple & Creative Learning

We believe in simplicity of design and in creative learning. 30hands takes students from the bottom rung of the Bloom’s taxonomy ladder all the way to the top. You can use it in many ways and for any subject as an integral part of your current curriculum. If you teach using Project-Based Learning, 30hands activities that are tied to standards help students complete tasks related to their projects and show what they know. I do PBL!

Flipping the Classroom

Teachers interested in Flipping the Classroom or posting lessons for students can do it in a few minutes by importing Google Slides (and other presentations) as 30hands slides and then narrating the lesson using iterative creativity. Teachers can also create lessons from scratch within the app quickly and easily. I Flip!

Below is an overview of the what’s new in version 1.10.0.


We’ve added background images, so students and teachers can better express what they know through lined papers, textures, colors and 5 scenes. (Pro version only)  I like it! 

Safer Search 

Search from Web has been refined to keep more copyright images out and to use safer search criteria and filters to keep students more focused. I like it! 


Video Slide Length Extended 

The most requested Pro feature is using short video clips as slides. We’ve increased the duration to 30 seconds to give you more room to breathe while still keeping you on track. Remember, use short video clips to enhance a presentation and not to make it drag on.  I like it! 

Bug Fixes 

We’ve reviewed & revised the code fixed and think we’ve solved the crazy text issue. Although it could be fun to watch it fly off the screen, it was not practical. Let us know if it returns, and let us know if you see other bugs or crashes. The more we know, the more we can fix. I like it!

Support for the Future 

We are now using arm64 code to ensure that 30hands is ready for upcoming releases from Apple. This should keep things more stable and provide better performance on all iOS platforms.

What’s Next? We are currently working on new features for 30hands Pro, including improved drawing, slide transitions, and Ken Burns effects.

Beyond features, we are working with educators to design standards-based activities that you can bring to the classroom more easily through a web-based service.

In late summer, we plan to release a beta browser version for cross-platform support.

As long as teachers and students love 30hands Storyteller, we will continue to evolve the product to better meet your iterative creativity needs. Let us know what you want, so we can prioritize new features and functionality.

Let us know if you plan to upgrade to 30hands Pro

Below is an overview of some of the 30hands Pro features

Google Drive Integration

Now, students can add slides from Google Drive, Publish final videos to Drive and Export projects to Drive for assignment hand-ins and sharing with classmates and parents. You can even import Google Slides as 30hands slides to easily flip the classroom. I like it!

Dropbox Integration

Dropbox works just like Google Drive. Add slides, publish videos and export projects for easier sharing. Save your PPT and Keynote files as PDFs and import them as 30hands slides, just like with Google Slides. I like it!

Hi-Resolution Publishing

The Hi-Res Publishing option allows you to create a higher quality video with sharper photos and crisper text. This is ideal for flipped videos and for the discerning student. You choose which quality to use. I like it!

Future Features

We will continue to add new features and functionality based on feedback from the classrooms. In most cases, we will release the new items into the Pro version only, in order to keep the product sustainable. Our goal is to continue to provide a safe, free Starter version of the app with few limitations. I support the mission!

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Have you considered upgrading to 30hands Storyteller Pro? Google Apps + Dropbox integration, Video Slides, Backgrounds, Hi-Res Output, more!

Schools and Districts can use Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to buy at a discount and manage all school devices.

Let your technology staff know that 30hands Pro will save teachers time and help students do even more creative learning. Email us.

If you are considering a large rollout of 30hands Pro, call us at 781-982-9555 to discuss how you can get phone support and free or discounted professional development to help you with blended learning, PBL, flipping the classroom, or teaching entrepreneurship and computer programming.

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