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It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again, but time seems to go so fast these days. The summer has come and gone. Teachers are getting their lesson plans ready, students are getting their supplies, and both are preparing to surpass a number of important milestones over the next academic year.

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It’s an exciting time, when possibilities seem to be infinite and goals unlimited. Over the next 9 months or so, teachers will bond with their students and create a permanent impression on not only their learning, but their lives.

If you’re a teacher preparing to head back into the classroom, or perhaps your district’s school year is already underway, we’ve  decided to give you a few tips to make this year the most rewarding yet.

Happy teaching, and learning!

  1. Set clear objectives. This will not only be useful for you as a teacher, but your students too. With each grade a student enters, their knowledge and capabilities are expected to grow. Set some objectives on your first day back in the classroom to keep both you and your students motivated.
  2.  Learn from your colleagues. Often times, the best way to develop professionally is to talk to your colleagues. Each teacher has his or her own ways of engaging students and delivering content. Whether your colleague has 20+ years experience in the classroom or is just starting out, it can be hugely beneficial to pick their brains for teaching methods, and also share your own ideas! One way of communicating your ideas with your colleagues and other teachers around the world is through video.
  3.  Start again everyday. We all have bad days. It’s part of life, and while it may not feel like it at thetime, those bad days benefit us in the long run as we learn from mistakes we made. The beauty of teaching is that no two days are the same, so remember that every morning is a fresh start. Forgive yourself and your students will forgive you.
  4. Welcome fun into the classroom. We all like to have fun, and what could possibly be better than having fun with your career? It’s no secret that teaching is one of the toughest jobs out there, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. Have fun with it and with your students. Play games and create challenges and watch those smiles shine ear to ear, as well see as their imaginations flourish. Here’s one way to have fun with an English lesson.
  5. Be open to technology. Students are most likely using technology in their home life, but the benefits of using it in the classroom are huge too if used correctly. For example, digital storytelling can help students solve problems using visualizations. A student’s understanding and perception of a concept is first challenged, and then enhanced as they become more comfortable with the content. Technology can also bridge stronger connections between the students and their teacher. For the teacher who is new technology, it may seem like a daunting idea but it’s all about believing in yourself and your capabilities.

You will thank yourself later!

Special thanks to the Association of American Educators for the inspiration.

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