Class Activity: 2 Things I Learned in Math This Year

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pure mathematics  (1)As the end of the year draws near, it may be a good idea to encourage students to recall some of the topics they learned throughout the year. Math classes cover a large amount of content and this activity allows students to choose their favorite few topics and give the class a brief explanation of what they have learned.

The Activity: Urge your Students to think back on the year and all the knowledge and concepts they now have and comprehend. Have them explain the topic in order to cement it into their memory and aid the rest of the class recalling the information again as they view the presentations. This activity will help peers collaborate and remember their lessons as well as be able to explain things to each other to further solidify their understanding.

The Level: This activity can be done at any level, it is meant to get students to look back on their year and remember all of the topics they covered. This will help to sum up the lessons of the class and make it easier for students to recall information from the entirety of the course.

The Procedure: Have each student pick 2 topics which they thought were the most interesting or lessons they felt were really important. This will allow each student to choose how their presentations will be set up and what they will focus on. Since there is a broad range of information that students can pick, their presentations should all vary significantly. This will hold the engagement of the class because one lesson should not be repeated over and over. To ensure that the presentations vary, you could assign each student to specific topics or allow them to create group presentations if there are too few lessons. If student’s complete this activity alone, it tests how much they can recall about past lessons and what they truly remember. Having time to work on these in class is a must because students may have questions along the way or may need some assistance recalling exactly how to explain some of the harder lessons. Making these presentations will help to solidify the students learning throughout the year and will be a fun project to keep them engaged as the summer quickly approaches! Take a look at this sample video below and use it as a guide for your students to begin!

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