Class Activity: Language Learning Summer Wrap Up with 30hands Pro

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Se habla song

Well, language teachers, you’re at that point in the year where your students are sensing the summer is arriving and have started to daydream about vacation plans and adventures. It’s getting tougher to keep them focused and let’s face it, we are feeling  a little similar ourselves! So, how about, instead of stopping them from dozing off into their dreamworlds, getting them to use their daydreams for a language activity! Also, gehen wir!



The Activity: Describing my summer plans in 30hands Pro.

The Level: Generally for students who have covered the future tense in the target language, so I’m thinking grades 7 through 12. But if your kids are younger and you think they are up for the challenge, go for it!

The Process: Have your students write a script in the target language about their summer plans. This could be broken up into June-July-August, or simply just 3 things they plan to do in the summer. Have them plan some specific activities. For example, if they are going on vacation, have them describe some specific things they want to do there. You could even bring in days and dates. And maybe the conditional tense! Me gustaría… Je voudrais… Vorrei… Then storyboard it out in 30hands Pro. When they’ve got to this part they can get creative by bringing in images and videos and using the drawing tool. And finally, they can narrate their script over the slides to tell their story in their foreign language! Now they’re ready to publish their video to Google Drive or Dropbox

An alternative idea here would be to bring in a previous activity I have mentioned: an interview. Have the students interview each other about their summer plans. ¿Cuáles son tus planes para el verano? Pues, me gustaría ir a la playa a tomar el sol….

Below is a sample video I made for you to use as a model! It’s in Spanish, but for those of you who teach other languages, I’m pretty sure you’ll get the idea! Don’t forget to share their videos with us – we love to see what great stuff everyone is doing with 30hands Pro! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram for more tips and tricks like this one!

                                                                                                            ¡Hasta luego, muchachos!

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