Class Activity – Science Experiments

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The Activity: A science experiment where students are able to practice The Scientific Method and truly learn the process. This activity is aimed to urge students to think scientifically in order to design and test their experiment with a good degree of accuracy. To describe their process, students will use 30hands Pro to reiterate the steps in their experiment through the audio tool and display photos on each slide simultaneously.

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The Level: This activity can be a planned experiment geared towards younger students or could be a challenge activity with the help of middle school science kits for older students by allowing them to complete an experiment of their own design. They will each come up with their own hypothesis, follow or design a procedure, and formulate conclusions based off of data collected. This will allow each student to explore and utilize the scientific method in order to complete experiments.

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The Procedure: Show this sample video to your Students to spark some ideas and have them run their own experiments. Students can map their slides with respect to the scientific method, plus making additional slides for each step of the procedure. Have your Students take a photo of each step before they complete it and their 30hands Video will be clear and outline their procedure. Students will be able to form conclusions based off of their data collection and could make suggestions on how they would improve their experiment or better test their hypothesis. Students will obtain practice with scientific experiments and simultaneously test the power of iterative creativity through the cycle of learning, building, and measuring.


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