Creating Engaging Video Lessons With 30hands Storyteller Pro

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cat-254572_1920 (1)Have you ever wanted to create an awesome video lesson to flip your classroom but just didn’t know where to begin or where to find the time? Well, today is your lucky day! Over the coming weeks we at 30hands Learning are going to be sharing a series of weekly blog posts with tips and tricks to help you to make engaging and easy-to-do online videos for your classes using 30hands Storyteller Pro.

Recently we were involved in a project that involved creating a lot of online learning and video presentations in 30hands Pro. Boy, did we use a lot of different cool techniques and ideas to create our videos! From the outset, we wanted to do this as effectively as possible for our learners. We knew we had to make it engaging, easy to follow and to the point. We also wanted to do it as efficiently as possible to meet a deadline. With all of this in mind, we set out on our video presentation odyssey to design the best videos for online learning we could by combining the right mix of visual, text and audio elements. Now, we will share our reflections in a series of blog posts, so you can start your own journey!

Each week, we will discuss a range of practical ideas to help you begin on your storytelling road to flipping software-657188_1920the classroom success.

1. To start, we will share what we mean when we tell you to begin by writing a script and then storyboarding out your ideas. These are 2 ways of planning your lesson or presentation well in order to devise a good quality product with your learners in mind. Taking the time at the beginning to plan things will save a lot of time down  the road.

2. We will then share advice on how to use images to represent ideas, avoiding reams of text and so making it more engaging for the learners.

3. We will also share our tips on how to use Google Slides well to optimize your content in a time-efficient way.

4. We will discuss how to narrate over your content using your script to seamlessly guide the learner through your video presentation. We will also share some tips on how to create a stop motion video to demonstrate a moving concept you want to share. This could be anything from demonstrating a dance move in Phys. Ed or showing the progress of a plant growing in Science. Sounds like fun, no?

5. Most importantly, we want you to understand that it’s important to try out ideas and iterate through your design to improve along the way. 30hands Storyteller has built iterative creativity into the app to make this easier for teachers and students to make changes.

In order to enable creativity in our classrooms, as teachers, we have to get creative ourselves. Once you have learned these tips and tricks, why not share them with your students so they too can create awesome 30hands presentation videos? To make sure you don’t miss any of our blog posts, sign up for our newsletter. We would also love to see your videos when you have finished, so don’t forget to share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or the 30hands Community Site!


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