Creating Video Lessons Part 5: Using Google Slides with 30hands Pro

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SlideHey all! Summer is finally here, and it’s time to slide our way into vacation bliss. But here at 30hands Learning, instead of having fun on real slides and taking a dip in the pool, we’re creating our own excitement with Google Slides to make engaging 30hands videos! We’re now at part 5 of my blog on creating effective video lessons to flip your classroom. So far, we’ve discussed scriptwriting, storyboarding and how to keep your learners engaged by keeping your slides simple. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about how Google Slides can be used as a foundation for your 30hands videos. Of course, creating your lessons is easy and effective to do in 30hands Storyteller Pro alone; however, Google Slides works really well together with 30hands Storyteller Pro. Let’s say you want to develop more detail on your slide, or perhaps you have a Google Slides presentation already designed and you want to make it into a video lesson. This is all possible with 30hands Pro, and it’s very easy!

I’m going to start by discussing Google Slides itself in more detail so that you can see how to get the best out of it for your slideshow. I will share some tips and tricks on how to do things efficiently. I will then discuss how to import all of your wonderful content into 30hands Pro.

First thing’s first! Do you remember how I said starting with a script is the best way get going on your journey to flipping the classroom success? Well, if you are using Google Slides, you’re in luck as this is where your scriptwriting can really be exploited. Let’s say you have your script Notes section in Google Slideswritten out and the lines of your narration numbered. What I have found to be really useful is, before you even begin to design your slides, to copy and paste each line of your script into the ‘notes’ section of you Google Slides presentation. By the end of this process, you will have your slides all lined up, almost like a storyboard. Yes, the slides are still blank, but at least you have everything visually divided up. The real benefit to this, however, is when you go to narrate your video in 30hands later on. If you have your Google Slideshow in front of you while you narrate in 30hands, you can read your narration directly from the notes for that slide. Believe me, this makes things so easy at this stage!

Once you have your slides planned out like this, you can start to develop each slide. Some quick tips on how to use Google slides well are:

1. Select an object and use the cursor on your keyboard to move it  around. This is much easier and more accurate than using the mouse!

computer-148768_960_7202. If you hold down the ‘shift’ key while using you cursor, you can move your object in smaller increments. I have found this great when you want to move something just a teeny bit, or if you are trying to match the position of something to the same object on another slide!

3. An even better way to match the position of things between slides is to use the ‘duplicate slide’ option. This saves you from having to start the slide from scratch and also ensures that objects that you want to remain in your slide are in the exact same position as the previous slide. So if you drag your mouse over to the list of slides on the left, and right click on your slide, a menu will appear. Click ‘duplicate slide’ and this will copy your slide exactly. Now you can make your changes to the duplicated slide as you see fit, such as adding something new in to appear or moving something to a different position! All of this breeds consistency in your slides.

4. To take advantage of the full screen on the iPad and fill the screen in 30hands, you should change the “Page setup” to use the 4×3 dimensions. Click ‘File’ on the top left corner, then scroll down to “Page setup” and select “Standard 4:3”. IMG_1198

Finally, you are probably wondering how I get all of this into 30hands Storyteller Pro? It’s very easy. You simply create a new presentation in 30hands and select the “From Google Drive” option on the drop down menu that appears. Then, navigate through your Google Drive to select the presentation. From here, it’s easy to narrate over your slides, rearrange them, or even add in objects and draw over slides. Good luck with it! Don’t forget to share your finished products with us. And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram for more tips and tricks like this one!


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