Designing Your Flipped Classroom with 30hands Storyteller Pro

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Pumping student’s full of new information throughout the day and then sending them home with assignments to complete can be difficult and concerning for them. Once home, students may have a hard time recalling what they just learned or may have never fully comprehended the lesson in the first place. Lessons usually target certain types of learners which makes it difficult for others to keep up with the material when it is being taught in a way they do not understand.

The flipped classroom pedagogical model can bridge this teaching vs. learning gap in education and will benefit all students. With lessons being pre-recorded by teachers and watched at home by students, there is more class time devoted to collaboration and putting the new knowledge to use through practical activities and creating presentations. Students can watch the lesson at home, rewinding and taking notes as necessary, which will reinforce the main points and they will better understand the material when absorbing it at their own pace.

Encouraging students to come to class with a few questions on the lesson can begin the class in an engaging way that will also explain any confusions they may have. This will hone in their attention to the lesson and make sure the students have absorbed what they should have from the video watched at home. Providing an in class activity that will further expand upon this new knowledge will be the most meaningful for students who will remember the material much better than if it was presented in a typical classroom setting. 

happy kidsIn order for a flipped classroom to become more influential than the standard way a class is taught, there is a decent amount of preparation necessary for a teacher to complete. Educators now have the task of creating entertaining and educational video lessons that students will watch at home. Using 30hands Storyteller Pro will make this transition as seamless for you and as effective for your students as possible.

We have created a blog series on Creating Video Lessons to help design your plan and add creativity to the curriculum. We believe lessons should focus on engagement and leaving students with the proper takeaways. This will ensure they are learning the proper material and are interested to pursue further class activities based on the lesson. In order to ensure students watch your videos at home so that they are prepared for class the following day, the use of creative content is necessary and assigning small tasks to complete after viewing should encourage participation. These post-video assignments can range from asking a few sample problems on the material, to coming to class prepared with questions and reactions on a more difficult lesson. They will allow students to reflect on what they just learned and will help to cement the new information in their minds.

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30hands Pro offers great tools to encourage teachers to design effective video lessons as well as tools for students to apply their knowledge and create presentations to demonstrate the new concepts they have learned. These presentations are useful because they include visuals of the lesson, audio to support and teach the lesson, and the ability for students to pause and take notes or rewind to reinforce a specific idea. These lessons learned at home are catered to every type of learning and each student has the equal ability to come to class prepared. As Teachers and Students can use this technology alike, it has easy to use navigation that won’t interfere with time designated for learning. 30hands Pro is a great tool for a flipped classroom because it promotes creativity and the exploration of ideas through the power of presentation building.

For some more inspiration, check out this short and simple How To video on Flipping the Classroom with 30hands Pro…in case you haven’t seen it yet! In just a couple of minutes you will be able to start designing video lessons yourself. Creating these exciting videos will boost the engagement levels of your students and they will better retain the lessons they learn while interested. Please let us know what other videos we can post that would be a useful resource on integrating a flipped classroom, we love hearing from you!

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