How to Make Training Stick: A 30hands Lesson

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Studies show that only 10% of skills presented to employees during training sessions are retained after 6 months. The reasons for this is something we have already discussed here and here.

It’s a frustrating reality for the corporate trainer but how do we incite change to ensure that our workforces are more productive than they were yesterday, more in line with company policies, and perhaps most importantly, happier in their job?

It’s all about commitment, from the very top down to the trainer and trainee. It would be virtually impossible for any company to successfully train its staff without the support of its highest representative. According to, this involves a commitment to change, and this doesn’t start with the employee being trained. It starts with leadership, for without the commitment of leadership, there can be no real change.

But there must also be a commitment to execute, something which takes time, energy and insistence to adopt new beliefs. And then there’s the commitment of time.

New beliefs, behaviors, skills and competencies take time to develop – more time than most people believe is necessary. No matter how good the training is, the actual acquisition of competencies is not gained in a single training. Those competencies are gained in the field, over time.

This last point is perhaps the most important.

The ease and ability to revisit training, as well as meaningful follow-up assessment is perhaps the key to retained skills. With 30hands video, this is possible while ensuring vital company time isn’t sacrificed. That’s because 30hands training videos can be created in just 7 easy steps, and staff can watch and re-watch at their leisure, whether it be on their commute home, on their lunch break, or whilst in the middle of a new project and when they need clarification on proper methodologies.

30hands video gives a company its independence back. Do it yourself by creating your video from scratch or by importing existing Google Slides or Powerpoint presentations into our app, recording your narration, publishing as an mp4 and sharing with your audience.

With 30hands Web, businesses can create simple, engaging videos that employees can access on demand on their mobile device, tablet or computer. This is more impactful than once-off training courses developed by companies that often pushes other vital work to the side. With 30hands, there is no delay. Staff learns at their own pace and revisit the training at any time, resulting in retained skills, increased job satisfaction, and ultimately better financial performance.

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