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If you are using Chromebooks or laptops in your schools, you can now explore the power of Digital Storytelling with the new 30hands Storyteller Web app. As your students advance from an iPad to a device with a keyboard, the way they explore content, learn a topic and create projects changes. We have taken advantage of some of the great features of a larger screen and a keyboard to make the learning experience better. It’s just as quick and easy to create a digital story or presentation in the browser as it is on the iPad, but there are more possibilities, like Narration Notes, Private Viewer Notes and Thumbnail Navigation.

When iPads came out several years ago, schools saw great value in how could use them in schools, and the number of apps that came out to support great learning grew exponentially. In 2013, we introduced the 30hands mobile app as a way to get students of all ages to show what they know through a multimedia digital story. As we  work with teachers, we continue to improve the app to make it an even better fit for learning through hands-on creation and presenting.

Now, after a year of exploring design concepts and a busy summer beta-testing with a group of teachers from across the country, we have released our digital storytelling app as a browser app. This means that 30hands Storyteller Web will run within the browser instead of downloading it to your device. The app is currently optimized for chrome on a Chromebook, Macbook or PC. It runs pretty well in the Windows Edge browser, in Firefox, on Android tablets and on iPads, and we are working to improve these platforms. Because Apple does not fully support HTML5 audio, narration will not work on iPads, iPhones and the Safari browser, but we are looking at creative ways to make this happen in the future.

Here are the core features available across all 30hands Storyteller platforms:

  • Create digital stories5-pro-google
  • Create presentations showing what you know
  • Create flipped lessons
  • Narrate over slides
  • Create slides from images, photos, drawings
  • Annotate images and photos with drawing tools
  • Rearrange slides and retain audio
  • Copy slides with audio
  • Replace images when iterating
  • Integration with Google Drive for easier sharing and collaboration
  • Import Google Slides and other presentations as 30hands slides in 1 step
  • Enhanced Drawing with image and drawing objects that can be modified and edited (vector-based)
  • Publishing final presentation as a video to share in Camera Roll, Google Drive or anywhere

Here are the features that are tailored to 30hands Storyteller Web (the browser version):

  • Narration Notesedit-value-prop
  • Private Viewing Notes
  • Print, download or email summary of slides, narration and private notes
  • Thumbnail navigation
  • Integration with Google Classroom
  • Login with Google credentials
  • School accounts with administrative dashboard and account tools

We offer free 30-day trials and school level discounts. Try 30hands Storyteller Web today at

We are committed to helping teachers implement hands-on, project-based and inquiry-driven learning as easily as possible. If you have any suggestions, let us know. If you are interested in learning more about our professional development or consulting services, please email us at


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