Learning and Staff Development in an Age of On-Demand

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We live in a world where demand and expectations drive quality of living, or at least what we perceive to be quality.

Missed last night’s episode of Game of Thrones? No worries (okay, except for the danger of spoilers). You can literally speak into your remote control and your television will catch you up. Want to know the weather forecast for the next week? Siri will have your answer in a matter of seconds. Our expectations are growing dramatically with each passing year as a result of this desire for immediate delivery of what we want.

The on-demand culture has not only affected our home life but our professional lives, too. Today’s workforce is expected to be immediately productive on everything needed for the job. But is this realistic? How are we supposed to be 100% knowledgeable when each release of a product has a whole new batch of features and functionality? Often, the user interface and UX are dramatically changed.

The reality is that the rapidly changing nature of technology is in conflict with our on-demand desires. We want everything now, but we can’t have that, since everything changes too quickly.

To meet this demand, we need to have ways to teach and learn more quickly. Company hierarchies must be willing to encourage learning and development within their workforce to truly get the best possible results from staff.

What do you mean when you say, “learning and development”?

Learning and development is exactly what you think it is. It’s a way for companies to improve their performance by increasing its skills and knowledge. It can form an organization’s talent management strategy and is designed to align group and individual goals with the organization’s vision and goals.

But for learning and development strategies to be truly successful, there must be motivation from all company divisions. The importance of this commitment, from the bottom to the top, is something we have already discussed.

The interesting thing about L&D is that as employees learn and develop, their motivation to succeed grows, and with success comes satisfaction. Satisfied employees equals committed, effective workers.

L&D sounds pretty important then, don’t you think?

Oh, yes. It has many benefits for a business. If staff are happy in their job, they are obviously more likely to stay in that job. That’s a huge plus. Also, it makes the hiring process more exciting. Your company would receive a higher volume of applicants due to the benefits of your L&D program.

Organizational goals will be met and possibly even increased over time. Revenue will grow, performance will skyrocket, and your company’s name could reach new heights.

So how would you introduce L&D to a workplace?

At 30hands, we are all about the power of video. The ease and ability to revisit L&D programs, as well as meaningful follow-up assessment is perhaps the key to retained skills. With 30hands video, this is possible while ensuring vital company time isn’t sacrificed. That’s because 30hands training videos can be created in just 7 easy steps, and staff can watch and re-watch at their leisure, whether it be on their commute home, on their lunch break, or whilst in the middle of a new project and when they need clarification on proper methodologies.

30hands video gives a company its independence back. Do it yourself by creating your video from scratch or by importing existing Google Slides or Powerpoint presentations into our app, recording your narration, publishing as an mp4 and sharing with your audience.

With 30hands Web, businesses can create simple, engaging videos that employees can access on demand on their mobile device, tablet or computer. This is more impactful than once-off L&D courses developed by companies that often pushes other vital work to the side. With 30hands, there is no delay. Staff learns at their own pace and revisit the training at any time, resulting in retained skills, increased job satisfaction, and ultimately better financial performance.

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