30hands Pro Takes You To a New Level

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New 30hands  Pro Features

30hands Mobile Pro includes great new features to improve productivity and enhance the creativity of mobile presentations and stories. Here’s a brief overview of the new features:

Video Clips: You can now record or import video clips directly into a 30hands presentation. Mix together video clip slides with narrated photo, image and drawing slides. Video clip slides are best kept at 21 seconds or less to keep the presentation lean and mean.

Dropbox Integration: Add images from Dropbox directly into a 30hands Presentation. Save a Powerpoint as pictures in Dropbox to use in 30hands in 1 step. To share a final video, publish it directly to a Dropbox folder.

Hi-Resolution Video: You can now publish videos are a resolution of 1024 x 768 instead of the standard 640 x 480 resolution. Images and text can now have a more crisp appearance in your presentation!

Google Drive Integration: Add images from Google Drive directly into a 30hands presentation. Also, publish a finished 30hands video directly into a Google Drive Folder.

PDFs and Presentation: This feature allows you to import virtually any type of presentation into a 30hands project. Any other presentation can be saved as a PDF file and imported from Drive or Dropbox with this feature. Each slide becomes a separate image on the 30hands desktop.

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