Olive’s Quick Tip of the Week – How to Make Your Audio Better and Cooler

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HOlive-Quick-Tipey everyone! Olive here with another pawmazing 30hands quick tip! This week’s tip is on recording audio that takesfire-ladder-and-cat-in-tree your presentation to the top of the trees. You may need a fireman to get you down, but your audience will love your 30hands video.

Whether you use audio to narrate, create sound effects, or put in music, adding audio to your 30hands video can make your video the cat’s pajamas. Meta-furr-ically speaking, that is!

First, let’s review the basics. The first step to recording audio in 30hands is to pick a slide to record audio on. For my slide, I picked a picture of a bunch of my cat buddies!

Once you have picked the slide you would like to record audio over and are ready to record, select that slide and hit the circular red button at the bottom of the screen.


Now record your audio. If you don’t like how it came out, you can re-record your audio as many time as you would like. This helps you get the quality of recording so good that even the Wind will like it. The slide will play as a video, for as long as the audio recording is. This way, you can record on multiple slides to string together a story that 30hands will put it together as one continuous video.

The 30hands audio function gives you unlimited creativity, too. When you use different character voices for narration, background music to set the tone, sound effects for entertainment, or anything of the like, you can make a project truly your own. Check out how Henry utilized the audio function to create a fun story with different character voices!


30hands Storyteller Pro is not only great for making creative videos but also for engaging students to learn material in a new and fun way. From reading and playing sheet music in music class to doing book reports in English class, 30hands provides a learning alternative students enjoy while remember what they’ve learned longer.

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Here’s a sample video I made! Enjoy!


Goodbye for meow!

-Olive the Cat


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