Olive’s Tip of the Week – Copying Slides in 30hands Pro

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Olive-Quick-TipHi everyone! I’m Olive the cat and welcome to my Quick Tip of the Week section! Each week, I’ll be sharing some of my clever tips on cool features in 30hands Pro. So what’s on the agenda for this week? Copying slides, of course! By using the ‘Copy Slide’ function, you can create a second version of the same slide. But why on earth would I want to do that?? Well, you’d be surprised how useful it is! Here are some examples:

1. Maybe you want something new to appear on your screen? You just copy the slide and add in your change to the copied slide. You can do this as many times as you like to have multiple objects appear on your slide or have them move to create an animation. Cool, huh?

2. How about when you want to add narration to the beginning or the end of one particular slide without going back and starting over? You can just copy your slide and narrate your new sentence onto the copied slide. It will come out all in one go in your published product! Purrfect! I have found this to be a much quicker and easier way to narrate something new onto a slide.

3. Maybe you want to create a stop motion effect in your slideshow? The copy slide function is essential for this. We will be talking about this in more detail in a future post, so be sure to check in again!

Oh! Before I get back to napping, I should probably explain how to copy a slide! Well, it’s easy.File_000 (3)

  • Select the slide you want to copy
  • Touch the screen once to show the options menu
  • Select ‘Copy Slide’, and your copied slide will now appear to the right of you original!

It’s as easy as that!

I hope you found this useful and fun. It’s time I got back to the couch ‘cos I only slept for 21 hours yesterday… Stay tuned for my quick tip next week! Bye for meow!




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