Project-Based Learning AND Community Service? We’re in!

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As we diligently work to bring fresh updates to 30hands for the upcoming school year, we are also working on a project to get students more involved in hands-on activities while helping others in need. This came about when our CEO, Eric Braun, stumbled upon an organization called e-NABLE, which encourages volunteers to make cost-efficient, 3D-printed hands for those in need. We knew we had to jump on board.
Why? Because here at 30hands, we are not only crazy about storytelling, flipped classrooms, and project-based learning (who’s not?); we are also crazy about empowering students with a wide-range of tech skills that will become increasingly relevant in the 21st century. With e-NABLE, we saw the opportunity to encourage teachers and students to become makers, learn about 3D printing, and help others with their newfound knowledge. What’s more, our name 30hands actually came from the idea that in a class of 30 students, everyone would raise their hands enthusiastically to participate. It therefore made sense for us – 30hands – to do social good by bringing many hands together to engage in PBL and literally provide a helping hand for people who have missing arms, hands, or fingers! Am I right or am I right?
I want to switch things up a bit and end with a video story that I created about e-NABLE. Hopefully, it will get you excited about participating in the project and thinking about how you can get involved!


What do you think about this project? Are you interested in getting involved? How else do you empower students with new tech skills that also benefit the larger community? Let us know through Twitter, Facebook or email!

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