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Script 2What’s your first step in the process of creating a video presentation? At 30hands Learning, we recommend writing a script to get things going. This allows you to plan out what you are going to say in advance and it provides a structure for your content. Starting with a basic idea of what you are going to say and laying it out in this way can be really effective. And what about the time it takes? Investing a few extra minutes at the beginning of the process makes things much quicker once you go to add images and then narrate over your content.

Writing the Script

We recommend using Google Docs to write your script. Once you have written out your narration, divide your script up into lines. Each line should represent what you would say on one slide.  Like this:

  1. What is a Civilization?
  2. A Civilization is a complex society that is defined by many characteristics.
  3. First, you need people to live there – that’s important.
  4. There must be a concentration of population in distinct areas or cities…

And so on! Make sure to press the enter key after each line. Numbering is optional but can help you organize the flow of your story. Starting with a script generally results in a better story. In addition, if you create a script like this in Google Docs,  you can import it directly into 30hands Web. Each line will come out as a slide automatically with the text on the drawing and in the narration notes! To do this manually would be time consuming as you would have to copy and paste each line and create each slide individually. So, 30hands has made the process easier for you.

Importing your Script in 30hands Web

GoogleImportwArrowsOnce your script is written and ready to go, here’s how to import it:

  1. Create a presentation in 30hands.
  2. Select the ‘add slides’ icon on the plan screen.
  3. Select any option to make a title slide which will show as your presentation thumbnail.
  4. Select the ‘add slide’ icon again and choose ‘Import from Google Drive’ from the drop down list.
  5. Select your script from your Google Drive.
  6. Et voilá, your script will import into your presentation as a storyboard!


Script Storyboard

The text will appear on your slides and on the narration notes too. This means you can read your script on the Edit screen as you record your narration:


At this point, you can go into the drawing tool to delete the text and bring in images and drawings. Or, if you have an image saved already, you can simply replace the text slide with the image by selecting the ‘Replace Image’ icon on the slide on the plan screen. You can then get to narrating your digital story, using your narration notes as a guide.

So why not jump in and give it a try? Check us out on Twitter and Facebook for more cool tips and tricks, and at for your free 30-day trial.



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