Sharing Your Lesson Plans as Videos, The Newest Trend in Education?

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Sharing lesson plans as videos with your colleagues can be a great way of both comparing ideas and obtaining new ones. Education is an incredibly time consuming gig and with much of a teacher’s time dedicated to the classroom and grading papers, it’s difficult to find the time to create new teaching materials.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 12_FotorThat’s why sharing materials is not only convenient, but educational.

How do teachers benefit from this?

Sharing your lessons online is a great way of expanding your knowledge and there are multiple websites which provide platforms for teachers to do so. Some of these (see Teachers Pay Teachers) have recently introduced the ability to do this through video. This is where 30hands shines in its ability to simplify, personalize and speed up the video creation process for teachers. Creating video can be a daunting task if one lacks experience in doing so, but with 30hands Storyteller, this fear quickly disappears as the app uses easy techniques which bring unique results. Unlike a lot of similar apps out there, 30hands Storyteller also makes it incredibly easy to edit your video. Although not FCPX level, but just enough to correct mistakes. There’s absolutely no need to alter your entire video just to fix one mistake!

Creating 30hands videos from PowerPoints and Google Slides

One of the best features of 30hands Storyteller is the ability to import your Google Slides or PowerPoint presentations and publish them as videos. This is done within a matter of seconds. If you have a lesson from the voluminous clep study guides that’s already created as a presentation, it’s remarkably easy to narrate it, annotate it, create a video out of it and post it online. The drawing tool allows you to personalize each lesson with added images, text and graphics. The narration feature allows you to record over your slides. Iteration is encourageScreen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2_Fotord, and 30hands Storyteller’s easy edit features means you easily re-record as many times as you like until you are happy.

Professional Development and 30hands

Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, and each teacher is unique in the ways in which they engage their students. That’s why sharing ideas is a great way for teachers to expand their knowledge and test new methods. Fantastic classroom materials created by teachers from across the United States (and beyond) are also wonderful resources that can be shared online. More and more teachers are heading to the internet to discover new techniques and develop their understanding of their profession. With 30hands Storyteller, teachers can create quick yet effective videos portraying their methods and share with colleagues or other teachers across the world. The reach of a video when shared online is humongous and is a method that is becoming increasingly popular for message sharing.

30hands Storyteller is the perfect tool for teachers looking to turn their classroom materials into engaging videos.

Who knew simple video creation could open so many doors of opportunity?

For the easiest solution to narrating your Google Slides presentations, check out this video below!



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