The Value of Video: Faster Ways to Leverage Your Knowledge

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In the past 10 years, we have seen an exponential increase in the amount of video content on the web, content that is used for entertainment, communication and learning. YouTube has been a dominant force by providing an easy to use, 1-stop shop for finding and viewing videos. According to Cisco, over 70% of Internet data is vidgrowth-chart-display-1955822_960_720eo data, and that will rise to nearly 85% by 2020. The rise in video content has changed the way people consume information, favoring video over the written word so much more than in the past.

Yet, despite the ubiquity of videos, creating great learning content in video format is not as easy as it should be. 30hands Learning is changing that, because there’s no better way to leverage your knowledge than through the medium of video.

It’s true that every phone has a video camera now, but taking straight video on the fly is not the answer. If the flow is not planned, organized and scripted, it may ramble on or miss the point of the message, the lesson or the training. Here are some of the inherent problems:

  1. Taking straight video on the fly does not generally make for great content.
  2. Planning the flow and organizing a script are difficult.
  3. Quality is improved through iteration, but revisions often require starting over.
  4. Video software is often complex and hard to learn and use.

penguin-confused-158551_960_720There is never enough time to learn how to use an app or be creative. If existing information and presentations could be leveraged, the process could be easier.

At 30hands Learning, we have focused on making the process of video creation and Digital Storytelling as easy as possible. Our goal is to make it easy for teachers, trainers, students and professionals to quickly and easily organize their ideas and put them into video format. There’s no way around the work to identify your message or topic and craft a story around it, but technology can assist in the process and make it easier to get the job done.

What are the steps to follow to create a great video? First and foremost, plan for an iterative process. It’s rare to create something great in the first pass. Many apps do not make it easy to make changes, so this should be a consideration in selecting the tools you use.

Let’s look at the  process of developing great content. We find the following steps to be a great guideline:

  1. First, identify the message, concept or main point
  2. Script out the flow of how to deliver the message
  3. Visually storyboard the presentation of the flow
  4. Narrate over the storyboard
  5. Enhance the visuals: insert video clips, draw over images/photos, create title slides and other drawings
  6. Review what you have and revise it iteratively
  7. Publish the presentation of your message or content as a video

30hands Storyteller helps with most of the steps above. Here’s a run-down of how 30hands Storyteller addresses these needs:

  1. Sorry, the job of finding the main point is up to you.
  2. If you script the flow in Google Docs, you can import it into 30hands Storyteller Web to automatically create a storyboard of slides and include your script in the narration notes.
  3. 30hands works on the concept of a storyboard of slides. Even if you don’t import your script, you can create a storyboard to model the flow. If you import a script, you can edit the slides to visually represent the storyboard, while the words of your script remain in the notes. Our drawing tool makes all of this easy. Slides can also be replaced with images, video clips or drawings after you have narrated and added notes.
  4. Each slide has a built-in button for recording and re-recording your narration.
  5. 30hands is designed to allow you to change virtually any aspect of your presentation and flow as you iterate through the process.
  6. The PLAY screen allows you to preview your presentation before it becomes a video. Individual slides can be viewed as full images, too, and printed out if needed.
  7. With the click of a button, 30hands will create a standard MP4 video that you can share, download or link to as your final product.

rocket-yellow-297605_960_720Digital Storytelling may not sound like rocket science, but it has the potential to fly you, your staff, your trainees and your students to the moon and back again without the high price tag of an Elon Musk SpaceX adventure. Check it out at

If your goal is to use video as the medium to tell your story, explain a concept or teach somebody something but you don’t know where to begin or you think it will take up too much of your time, contact us for a demo or phone call on how we can help. Email us at or call 781-982-9555

Want to learn how to import your Google Slides or PowerPoint presentations into 30hands Storyteller to quickly and easily created a narrated video lesson or presentation? Check out the video below:


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