Training your staff with 30hands video: A no-brainer for your business!

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Seventy billion dollars. That’s how much money was estimated to be spent on corporate training in the US in 2015. Seventy billion dollars for only 10 percent skills retention. That doesn’t seem right, does it? There’s got to be a better way… and there is!

There is no doubt that corporate training is a necessity in today’s world where technology is constantly changing and job specs are regularly altering. But one of the biggest mistakes companies make when training their staff is ignoring follow-ups or meaningful assessments. 

That’s why research conducted by Eduardo Salas, a professor of psychology and Program Director of the Institute for Simulation and Training at the University of Central Florida, found that approximately 90 percent of new skills learned at workplace training are lost within a year.

One way of combatting this issue is through video lessons.

It is estimated that video accounts for about 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic and it is thought that video-on-demand traffic has tripled in the last two years. It is all over our Facebook newsfeeds, our Instagrams, Twitter timelines and even quirky Snapchat stories. People clearly love video, so how do we use this to improve corporate training and ensure employees retain skills longer?

It’s actually quite simple: take advantage of the accessibility of video.

With 30hands Web, businesses can create simple, engaging videos that employees can access on demand on their mobile device, tablet or computer. This means the videos can be re-watched by staff at any time of the day, and as many times as they want. This is more impactful than once-off training courses organized by companies that can often take a day or more to complete. 30hands allows staff to learn at their own pace and revisit the training at any time resulting in retained skills, increased job satisfaction, and if you are for-profit, hopefully better financial gain.

And, just think of how much time your business can save by training your staff through video instead of long lectures!

With 30hands Web, you can create your own training video in just 7 easy steps, and your staff can watch it when they have 5 minutes to spare, on their lunch break or even on their commute home. As the video creator, all you have to do is publish your video as mp4 and share it on your company’s website or LMS, or copy and paste the provided video link into an e-mail which you can then send to staff.

So whether you are training new employees into their job roles, promoted staff into new positions, or even updating current staff on company policies, anything is possible with 30hands! Once you share your 30hands video, staff will have it forever and it’s even easy to go back and update your video if information changes without creating a new video from scratch.

30hands Web makes training your staff and keeping your customers informed easier than ever before.Video creation is so fast and easy that you don’t have to invest in new staff. And it can even be fun!

Fast and easy creation of videos to train your staff or get updates out to customers. It’s really a no-brainer for your business, isn’t it?

Try 30hands Storyteller Pro for iPad, too. It’s only $6.99 in the Apple store.

For a sample training video, check out the video below on how to narrate Google slides.

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