Video Training and Millennials: The Perfect Match?

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“Let’s just stay in and watch Netflix”.

How many times have we heard, or said, these words? Netflix, and indeed many other streaming sites, have become household names. They are how people pass the time, especially those who grew up in the early 21st century experiencing the rise of YouTube, Facebook, and other similar websites.

But millennials aren’t just watching cat videos (sorry Olive!).

They are now choosing to learn through online video, whether they realize it or not. Documentaries, quiz shows, TV shows… They all play a role in the ways in which these people now gain knowledge.

With millennials now taking up a large percentage of today’s workforce, the opportunity of video in the office is perhaps bigger than ever. In fact, according to the Census Bureau, there are more than 80 million millennials living in the US, and other statistics show that their craving for online video as a preferred communication channel is growing.  

This means the opportunity for video in corporate training is huge, as we have discussed beforeIt is even estimated that millennials spend 50 percent more time watching online video than TV. It’s clear that online video possesses an emotional power, so just how much more productive would a millennial worker be if they are trained through this medium? 

We have already found out that corporate training costs the US economy approximately 70 billion dollars per year, with just a 10 percent skills retention rate.

Why? Because of un-engaging training methods and a lack of follow-up assessment. With video, trainees are captivated through visuals and audio, and its ease of access means training can be accessed in a matter of seconds.

Most of us have watched an online tutorial at some point in the last few years, and indeed these tutorials which grace YouTube are growing rapidly in popularity (see the make up tutorial frenzy that has taken social media captive!) This popularity growth is evidence that the millennial generation want to learn through video as this is what they respond to. Concomitantly, advert websites like The Marketing Heaven would want to reach out to these individuals to get their brand/s promoted.

Training videos are also an interesting alternative to the physical intervention of a trainer in the workplace. You can watch them as many times as you like, and you can easily incorporate them into your training tools and online management. They can be watched on phones, tablets, and computers, and with millennials the most-likely generation to own multimedia devices, it seems like the perfect fit for a workforce that seems to be getting younger and younger.

So how can 30hands help engage the working millennial?

With 30hands Web, training videos can be created in just 7 easy steps, and your staff can watch it when they have a few minutes to spare on their lunch break or even on their commute home. 30hands Web is a DIY video creation tool meaning the power of the creation is in your hands. All you have to do is publish your video as mp4 and share it on your company’s website or LMS, or copy and paste the provided video link into an e-mail which you can then send to staff.

So whether you are training new employees into their job roles, promoted staff into new positions, or even updating current staff on company policies, anything is possible with 30hands! Once you share your 30hands video, it will be in their possession forever, and, it’s even easy to go back and update it if content changes without creating a new video from scratch.

It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s the best way to engage and train your workforce.

Check out 30hands Storyteller Web for Chromebooks!

Try 30hands Storyteller Pro for iPad, too. It’s only $6.99 in the Apple store.

For a sample training video, check out the video below on how to narrate Google slides.

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