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magnifying-glass-145942_960_720One of the first things people found value in when the Internet began was search, and today, this is no exception. With so much content out there, it has been one of the saving graces of the new technology complexity. Google has been a leader in search, so we jumped on board with their search engine when we first put image search into 30hands Storyteller, and it worked pretty well.

But – last month, when Google abruptly turned off free usage of their search engine for apps, we had to look elsewhere. We knew it would be difficult for educators to pay extra for search, and we did not want to complicate their lives. Fortunately, we had been looking at the possibility of using other search engines already, so we had some ideas in mind.

Pixabay is one of our favorite image search sites, because all of the images are free to use like public domain images – anywhere, anytime and for just about any purpose. This is important for students and teachers. Unlike Creative Commons images (which are still a good thing), Pixabay images do not need to be cited. That’s an added benefit in our minds.

Some images from Pixabay image search

So now, with version 2.0.6 of 30hands Storyteller Starter and 30hands Storyteller Pro, you will get Pixabay image search when you are on the 30hands Desktop and touch

  • +” then
  • Add Slide” and
  • From Web“.

The search is still filtered for younger students.

30hands Starter users get up to 12 image results. 30hands Pro users get up to 60 image results.

Go forth and search with creativity!

Ready for 30hands Storyteller Pro?

If you are currently using the Starter version of 30hands Storyteller, please consider keeping the value of Iterative Creativity alive by helping to upgrade your school iPads from the Starter version to the Pro version. This will give you much more learning functionality, time-savers for teachers and assurances that the product that you love and value can continue to advance. If you are already using 30hands Storyteller Pro, please drop us a note or a video letting us know how it is helping you students learn better.

Thank you for all you do to promote better learning for our children!

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