30hands makes video creation quick, easy & cost effective for multiple areas within a company. Video is a powerful and memorable way to train staff & communicate messages to customers.

Corporate Training

30hands makes it much easier to create videos and presentations for training sessions and online training. A 30hands training video can be created in hours instead of days or weeks. 30hands can improve retention of learning materials through effective imagery, a few key words and narration. This method is easy to create and prevents cognitive overload. Since video creation is faster, more quality content can be  created by fewer people.

Sales & Customer Service

Follow-up to a customer meeting with a video can be more personal and engaging for a customer. Narrated slides and images give more meaning to a presentation and drawing over them can enhance understanding. A video improves understanding of the content and better engages the customer.

7 Easy Steps

Videos are created using a storyboard approach combining imagery and audio narration. You can include short video clips, too. 30hands Storyteller allows you to quickly add photos, images and drawings and easily narrate your story. If you have existing training or sales materials in PDFs, PowerPoints, Google Slides or KeyNotes, you can leverage that material by importing it into 30hands. Imported PowerPoints can be narrated and published within minutes.

New material can be turned into a video in an Hour or less. Follow these steps:

  1. Create script
  2. Import script or create storyboard slides
  3. Visualize storyboard concepts with images, drawings, video clips
  4. Narrate storyboard
  5. Preview video flow
  6. Revise visuals and narration as needed
  7. Publish the video as an MP4

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