How We Do It

30hands uses technology and techniques to change the way teachers and students work in the classroom to improve learning. Our approach is hands-on iterative creativity for both the teacher and the student through Project-Based Learning, Blended Learning and Digital Storytelling.

Technology supplements classroom learning, so it has to be simple to use for both teachers and students, it has to promote higher levels of learning, and it must keep students focused rather than distracted. A teacher’s time is very valuable, and we take that into consideration with our user interface design. We know this from our own classroom experiences.

Be creative, but do it iteratively for better end-products and better learning!

Iterative Creativity

Creativity alone is not enough. Greater learning and skill comes from the iterative process which leads one closer to mastery. As Malcolm Gladwell indicates, it may very well take 10,000 hours to get there, so we need to encourage students to understand the iterative process at a young age and begin it as soon as possible.

The process takes students through an iterative cycle of creation, review and revision. Each iteration improves the end-product and helps solidify the student’s understanding of the topic.

  • How many iterations do you need to achieve the results you desire?
  • What is the next step you wish to take on your journey to greatness as a teacher?
  • Which path should your students take as they rise to greatness?

Following a PBL approach, students learn concepts in greater depth along with 21st Century skills. The result is greater retention of knowledge and skills and a positive outlook on learning.

Project-Based Learning

Projects in the classroom can create a foundation for learning that lasts for a week, a month, a semester or even the whole school year. Both short term and long term projects make learning more interesting for students and relevant to the real world.

Well-designed projects facilitated by skilled teaching engages the student in

  • Problem-Solving
  • Exploration
  • Experimentation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Iterative Creativity

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is the combination of multiple methods of learning to help students learn more effectively and more flexibly while providing better engagement and desire to learn.

At 30hands Learning, we advocate combining traditional individual learning in a physical classroom with the use of an online platforms like the 30hands Cloud eClassroom in conjunction with web and mobile apps like Google Apps, Dropbox, 30hands Pro and Socrative.

We believe in the introduction of teamwork, because teamwork is critical for success outside of school.

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