ListenReadCreate  Stories

Aesop’s Fables Remixed is the first app in the new 30hands series called Listen•Read•Create. The series offers multimedia picture book stories to engage children of all ages in listening, reading and creating. We believe we can all learn better through multiple dimensions that build upon a progression. 

The app is a collection of 5 stories inspired by Aesop and remixed together to create one big story. Our complete Aesop series contains 15 stories. Each story is about 5 minutes long with 25-30 narrated picture-book-like pages and video clips. Each story concludes with questions for reflection and discussion and with an activity or two to get the listener-reader outside of the technology into the real world. In addition, there is a story on how to create your own story using open source images and videos and 30hands Pro.

This digital storybook is another way for students to learn better through Iterative Creativity. Iteration allows students at different skill levels to progress at their own pace and let’s parents and teachers fit activities into time periods of different lengths. One student can listen, another can read, and a small group can discuss questions or perform activities. Most of all, Iterative Creativitytm takes learning to a higher level, across all parts of Bloom’s Taxonomy.


Each story has Lessons and Questions.



Each story has real world Activities.

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