30hands In Action! Marisa and More

Nate Brown Blog

WOW! Kids and teachers have been doing really great work with 30hands recently! Check out these awesome pictures and presentations, straight from the classroom! Here’s Marisa’s adorable video demonstrating her learning on counting by 10! Keep up the great work Marisa!! Great job to fifth grade teacher Mrs. Nussbaum for getting very creative and using 30hands for an ecosystem scavenger hunt with her students!! I’m sure the kids had a blast(class outside AND 30hands!? So fun!) and learned a lot! Librarian Lynn Lowery and coach Jeanette C. did a fantastic job introducing their students to live chicks, and helping them create stories in 30hands! Between the chicks and 30hands, this sounds like a very memorable lesson for the students! Keep up the hard work! Thanks for the great post Joe Tedesco! Ashley Cernosek has the right idea! Digital storytelling is a great tool to add to your teacher tool belt. Kids love it and its easy to use! Looks like kids at Hatfield Elementary in Texas are having a great time learning and telling their stories with 30hands!! Thanks for sharing the good times Rob Thornell!